This summer, the trio of Taylor Myatt, John David Bumpus, and Kevin Poast will be riding bicycles across the U.S. from Oregon to Virginia, from June 1 to August 1. Our purpose is to use our simple abilities of riding a bicycle to help those in need around the world, and to inspire others to be adventurous with their lives and ministries.
Before and during our trip, we will be raising money to give to the Nazarene hospital in Kudjip, Papua New Guinea, where Dr. Jim Radcliffe serves as a medical missionary with his family. Many children in Papua New Guinea are born with livers that cannot fully function because of the lack of proper nourishment. This causes many cases of severe neonatal jaundice. A Biliruben ultraviolet light is a specialized light that can remove jaundice when an affected child is exposed to it. Also, before babies are born, doctors have trouble hearing the heartbeat of the fetus. Hearing the heartbeat of the child in the womb is necessary to determine if there are any complications with the pregnancy, which often require an emergency C-section for safe delivery. A Fetal Doppler is a tool used to measure the heartbeat of a fetus in the womb. Our goal is to purchase these pieces of equipment to give to the hospital. The funds raised from the trip will allow us to purchase both of these pieces of equipment for the hospital. Any excess money that isn’t used for purchasing this equipment will be given to the hospital for renovations and the acquisition of other necessary equipment.
First and foremost, we are asking for your prayers. This ministry is a new experience for each of us, so your prayers for God’s guidance are greatly appreciated. Second, if you are able and willing, we would appreciate any financial support you are willing to give. We are three poor college kids who want to be used by God, but we don’t have the financial means to fulfill the need that He has placed before us. We want as many people involved in this ministry as possible because we believe in the power of community, and we wish to be kept accountable. During our trip, we will be stopping at churches all across the country to raise funds for the purchase of the needed medical tools. However, we need to have a few dollars to start us on our journey. If you have and questions or in any way want to help us in this endeavor please contact Taylor Myatt, John David Bumpus, or Kevin Poast.
The final purpose of this trip is to inspire others to serve Christ in whatever way He leads. Our prayer for this adventure is that we all will be open to seeing the many blessings with which God has graced us, and that we will use whatever gifts or abilities we have to give back to God’s kingdom. We will end this trip having gained nothing more than the experience and the chance to serve God in the global community. Thank you for taking the time to be involved in this ministry.


3 responses to “About

  1. You go guys!

  2. Way to Go! I am doing the same thing…left from WA on June 4th!!!

  3. Glad to help out here in Dillon

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